Setting Goals for 2020: Planning for your Future & your Business


Where do you see yourself in one, five, and/or ten years from now? What about your business?

Our BluePrint team is currently buzzing about goal setting because now is the time we are looking at budgets, cash flows, deliverables, short-term and long-term goals, and overall financial strategy for many of our clients in 2020. That’s what BluePrint Strategy does: create strategic solutions to grow small businesses. We partner with clients to equip and empower them with insight, information, and experience for a more impactful strategic planning process and defining customized goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely). You can’t know HOW to grow your business without knowing WHERE you want it to go.

Among our wide circle of entrepreneurial clients and colleagues, we regularly hear about their struggles to define the future direction of their brands/businesses. An entrepreneur may have the best intentions to carve out time to focus on strategic planning but can barely take a breath amid the stress, obligations, and urgent details of every aspect related to starting a business and keeping it afloat. Or, maybe an entrepreneur is a talented day-to-day manager but navigating the necessary process of goal-setting and strategic planning isn’t a strength. That is when it makes sense to seek support in the process, to enlist the services of an individual or a firm that specializes in partnering with you to strategically chart the financial future of your enterprise.

How about when it comes to your personal goals, outside of the business? It’s sometimes a more difficult task to separate yourself from your work. My ambitious 20 year-old self would be disappointed in my 40 year-old self’s weakness in personal goal setting. One of these days I’ll take a breath when I’m not working, chasing around babies, doing laundry, keeping up with school PTOs, advocating for community causes, grocery shopping, and occasionally checking in with friends and relatives to let them know I’m still functioning; and in that glorious breathe of stillness and clarity, I will set my aspirational goals and set out on a clearly defined path to achieving self-fulfillment. Maybe you can relate? But I digress.

If you are an entrepreneur who is overwhelmed by the day-to-day demands of running a business or who struggles with seeing the big picture, BluePrint Strategy offers strategic planning and advisory services that will give you focus. If you are a business owner or leader who needs clarity in defining your personal strengths and potential , BluePrint Strategy can help with that too.